Students come from a teacher-directed environment to a self-directed when they reach home. But they don’t have the skill or confidence to be successful in this environment. They have more commitments and a lot more distractions with electronic media competing for their attention.

1Peers now have a much greater influence than teachers. Students lack confidence. They’re disorganized. Their lockers are a mess. They can’t keep track of their homework, papers, assignments, or responsibilities, and during these tough years they have more pressure and less motivation.
2Students have a “fixed mindset.” They don’t even realize they can make changes in their life. They think they’ll never be successful and are destined to simply endure these school years. Students and parents feel they are losing the connection, and they are holding their breath to “just get through it.” Parents are far more disconnected than they were in elementary school, teachers feel ineffective, and students simply don’t care.
3Students study skills apply to real life, not just school. These skills are critically in demand in the workplace too! Studies by Stanford Research Institute and the Carnegie Mellon Foundation surveyed Fortune 500 CEOs and determined that 75% of career success depends on soft skills like organization, critical thinking, and written expression, while only 25% of career success actually depended on technical knowledge.
4Executive Function is a skill that is seen in different forms. Teaching students to give their best to what they are doing is the main focus. We believe teaching students to learn to negotiate, have flexibility and right attitude are key ingredients students should possess.
5Relaxed, stress-free cafe setting
6Collaborative, conversational, group learning
7Outside of class executive function sessions
8Focus on study habits, quality note taking, and planned work time
9Prevent procrastination and improve work effciency
10High school mentors help with homework and o er academic advice
11Build relationships with each other and create valuable like-minded study partners