What is HIAC

HIAC is a school district approved Before & After school program that collaborates with teachers and parents to keep students on track on their academic journey.

Studying 1:1 or with peers and mentors in a relaxed environment, the students are encouraged to organize their workload, create a prioritized plan, and then work on completing their homework assignments on time. A team of mentors track your child’s weekly assignments /grades and motivates them to stay on track for their homework, projects, and upcoming tests. They are taught various executive skills like Planning and Prioritizing using planners, Time management, Organizing thoughts and materials, Staying on track, Remembering what to do and when to do it, Problem solving, Goal setting, Reflecting on past behavior and outcomes and Managing feelings and emotions.

Our objective is to make your child a self-starter. In our sessions, students ACQUIRE the Essential Study Skills and then PRACTICE their newly acquired skills by working on their homework and projects. This results in a stress-free school year with improved academic results.