Our Founder – Manu Shahi

“My journey started 13 years back when I entered the education industry. I opened up a franchise for teaching kids Math and Reading. With ten years as an instructor, coached kids on how to study and approach math and reading, I realized that the struggle was not with the subject but the fact on how to learn.”

We are Educators. We are Parents. We are High School Students. We are a team who want to help children become confident and effective learners.

Our Founder, Manu Shahi has been an educator for 12 years in the after-school industry. She has coached thousands of kids by having them develop after school system that works for them.

Manu successfully ran Kumon Math and Reading Center in Highland Village for 10 years. She has been on the PTA boards, won outstanding service from the school districts, conducted a workshop for parents and teens and won professional excellence award. She has been through numerous training on Executive Functions, study skills and additional coaching from Boston SMART program and Rush University, Chicago. Her recent training for Project Wayfinder designed by Stanford Design School brings in Social Emotional Learning aspect to the program too.