1:1 Coaching

Some students require personalized attention to learn skills to organize and plan their work, manage time and learn ways to adopt tools that matches their personality. We provide strategies to our students that they need to master. Our aim is to give them tools that helps them build confidence and love for learning.

Many students require more personalized attention to learn the skills required to organize and plan their work and time, manage their emotions and attention, and reflect upon revise their tactics as circumstance change. Our founder and her team provide students with the strategies and encouragement they need to learn.

Our goal is to build new effective habits to reduce anxiety and to help each student feel that they are in charge of their own success. As students find the method and create their own, they start seeing results. This makes them confident and more willing to take challenges. These just not study skills but life skills we see are important in overall growth for today’s youth.

To see if your child needs more 1:1 coaching you need to look at:

  • Not meeting their academic potential or experiencing falling grades?
  • Having trouble starting and/or completing work?
  • Having trouble managing time, assignments, and/or an increasing workload?
  • Transitioning to a more challenging academic level (e.g. another grade or school)?
  • Having challenges with test-taking and/or studying effectively for tests?
  • Seeming to lack a “sense of urgency” and/or have too great of a “sense of urgency”?
  • Struggling to organize work, forgetting work, lacking longer-term planning skills?

Cost: $99 /hour session.

To schedule or inquire about 1:1 coaching, please contact 972.333.4663