About Us

Homework in a Café is a district-approved program for grades 5th-10th. This program empowers students to navigate their academic journey. We assist all students with homework, study skills guidance, organization, and academic help in all subjects. Creating a flow day—in which the school day influences the after-school program, and what is learned from after-school practices enhances the school day—is an exciting possibility to support children’s learning.

Homework in a Café helps students be better prepared for class each day by providing support when they need it most. Our program has a 96% success rate for our enrolled students and was named Best of Denton County for three consecutive years as the best tutoring service, and we are honored to serve the LISD community.

We believe that every student can succeed given the right tools. We start with “why”: if we can understand the reasons behind a student’s struggle, we can serve as a catalyst to help them reach their full potential. We provide strategies to our students that they need to master. Many students require individualized attention to learn organization and time management skills. Our aim is to help them adopt tools that match their personality and learning style while building their confidence and love for learning.

Homework in a Café upholds principles of and supports students by:

  1. Providing Personalized Student Support
  2. Extending the Learning Day
  3. Engaging the Student 1:1 or 2:1
  4. Impacting Student Achievement
  5. Building Confident Learners

What makes Homework in a Café different?

A perfect and rare combination where our program is one-stop helps students learn and practice skills in real life. It takes your child from discovery to practice -discovering their strengths and weaknesses, improving study habits to improve, and applying it to real school work.

Our coaches and supervisors are trained and equipped with tools and special software designed to help students learn and practice Executive Functions and Study Skills.

Homework in a Cafe provides professional development to help advance students and classroom communities and cultures to adapt to the everyday needs of students. A deep understanding and dive into executive functions such as setting goals, organizing and prioritizing, and much more will make a difference throughout the classrooms that you serve. By reinforcing and clarifying content taught in the classroom, Homework in a Café ensures a higher level of student success during the school day. Teachers cannot always afford to give every student one-on-one attention and our services aid in closing that gap.

Why Homework in a Café?

Homework in a Cafe provides students all around the world and throughout our communities with experiences that will last them a lifetime through individualized academic coaching and tutoring. Students receive an individualized action plan to support them throughout their educational journey while being enrolled in programs at Homework in a Cafe. Monumental results have been observed throughout the programs that we provide, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.