Our Programs

Due to COVID-19 we are running our programs from the comfort of an online platform where the student builds an understanding and trust with the mentor and coaches. A safe zone where students can log in and share get help towards their homework and beyond.

Some students require personalized attention to learn skills to organize and plan their work, prioritize the homework and manage time. They need guidance to learn new ways to adapt tools that match their personality. We provide strategies to our students that they need to master. Our aim is to give them tools that help them build confidence and love for learning.

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Overview Video

A great way to start is to know a little more about us, and there is nothing better than viewing this introductory video that explains more about what we have to offer.

It will give you insight into our programs, the skills we teach, our methodology, our plans and how our programs help young kids to navigate their journey after school. Although results may vary you can have a fair idea of the outcomes you can expect.



What We Teach

Homework in a Café is a place for 5th-8th graders where learning does not feel like doing homework. Based in an atmosphere where students’ creative juices can start flowing. Kids are able to feel relaxed and positive in an environment with no distracting tasks and where they receive spontaneous input from peers and mentors with no strings attached.


Setting Goals and Priorities
Collaboration with School & Teachers
Work With Peers & Teamwork
Read & Understand Textbooks
Organization Skills
Test Taking Strategies
Time Management
Project Management
Presentation Skills
Homework Management